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Criminal Law

Criminal Defense – There are three types of crimes: Infractions, Misdemeanors and Felonies. Infractions involve fines. Misdemeanors are cases where the maximum confinement time is one year in jail. Felonies are crimes where the maximum confinement time is over a year up to life in state prison or the death penalty. Whether your criminal case involves a fine or the death penalty, I have the experience to handle it and get you the best possible result.  I am licensed to practice in all California state courts, as well as all federal courts. I handle all criminal matters from arraignment, preliminary hearings, jury trials, probation violations and parole hearings.


Jury Consultation

As a former professor of Jury Selection at Loyola Law School, Mr. Towfigh was only the second professor in the country to teach a class specifically aimed at strategic jury selection in criminal and civil trials.  His class "The Art of Jury Selection" taught students the historical, legal and strategic art of how to pick the best jury for your particular case.

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