Towfigh Continues to Perfect the Art and Science of Law

Hamid Towfigh is a highly sought after Los Angeles murder lawyer, with an impressive academic record and a resume of laudable professional accomplishments. Mr. Towfigh understands that becoming a reputable defense attorney takes knowledge and talent, and he approaches the practice of law with poise and talent. The celebrated criminal defense lawyer is prepared to serve clients in a variety of practice areas, including RICO violations, D.U.I., probation violations, gang crimes, assault, and much more.

Hamid Towfigh brings an inventive approach to being a successful criminal defense lawyer. Towfigh is in the distinctive position of having spent over 11 years working as a prosecutor in the select Hardcore Gang Division of the Los Angeles County District Attorney's office. These and other experiences provided the renowned attorney with keen insights into the methods and practices utilized by prosecuting attorneys, and have allowed him to craft effective counterstrategies in the defense of his clients. Hamid Towfigh is experienced in a wide range of criminal cases, no matter how complex.

In all his years practicing law, Hamid Towfigh has never lost a murder jury trial. If you have been charged with a crime and need legal counsel on how best to protect and defend yourself in court, call distinguished Los Angeles criminal defense attorney today at 310-684-3158, or find him on the web at Mr. Towfigh has represented clients in a number of high profile cases—including Dr. Dre, Rupaul Charles, Adriana Lima and many more—and he can represent you, too.