Hamid Towfigh is the Ideal Criminal Defense Attorney

For those in need of a criminal defense lawyer, Los Angeles offers no shortage of options. However, when the stakes are high, you should never settle for less than the best legal counsel offered by Hamid Towfigh. For years, Mr. Towfigh has garnered acclaim throughout Southern California while fighting for the rights of his clients during a period that can frequently be traumatic, with significant potential repercussions.

Fully licensed and admitted to practice law in California, Washington D.C. and Federal Courts, Mr. Towfigh's reputation as a first-rate criminal defense attorney speaks for itself. Unlike some attorneys who see the practice as a way to earn financial rewards for themselves, Mr. Towfigh sees the practice of law as an art and science first and foremost. By dedicating himself to serving both his clients and community, Mr. Towfigh provides impeccable legal research and up to date knowledge of the law that is critical in providing the best defense for every client – no matter how severe their circumstance may be.

The experience of Mr. Towfigh extends to all types of criminal cases – from the simplest misdemeanors to complex felonies. His cases have included white collar crime, special circumstances murder, rape, torture, kidnapping, sex crimes, armed robbery and many other crimes that can affect one's life in dramatic ways. If you're in need of a Los Angeles murder defense lawyer, there is no reason to waste time searching for an attorney you can trust. Simply contact Hamid Towfigh, and look forward to truly world-class legal counsel.