Your criminal defense lawyer has a very important function: protecting your rights and your liberty. Make certain that your attorney has graduated from an ABA accredited law school. A list of ABA accredited law schools with the year of accreditation may be found here:

Secondly, make certain that your criminal defense lawyer is a member in good standing with the California State Bar. You may search whether the lawyer has a record of discipline on the California State Bar website:

Third, your attorney should be an experienced trial lawyer. Ask your criminal defense lawyer how many jury trials they have completed. Not court trials, not how many cases they have handled, but how many jury trials they have completed. A lawyer who has trial experience with serious cases such as murder trials wil bring valuable experience and insight into your case, even if your case is a relatively minor case.
Finally, what is your lawyer’s reputation? Ask around. See where your lawyer has worked in the past? Is your criminal defense attorney a former prosecutor or public defender? Former state government attorneys have vast experience based on the sheer volume of cases they handle which will benefit you greatly.


Legal Resources

Always consult a professional attorney for any legal questions you may have. For information on the nature of the charges in your criminal case and penalties you may refer to the California Penal Code. For the elements required by the prosecution to prove the case against you. please refer to the CALCRIM jury instructions.


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