Criminal Defense Lawyer Hamid Towfigh is Committed to L.A. Youth

People who have been arrested and charged with a crime understand the necessity of having a smart and aggressive criminal defense attorney representing them in a court of law. Attorney Hamid Towfigh is a leading criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles and, with a 100% success rate in murder jury trials, boasts an unparalleled track record of success.

Hamid Towfigh is an exceedingly bright Los Angeles murder lawyer with an impressive professional resume that reflects an intelligent legal mind and a dedicated public servant. In addition to his successful career as a practicing criminal defense lawyer, the celebrated legal professional also partnered with Project L.E.A.D., speaking to elementary and high school students about the criminal justice system and the importance of staying out of gangs. Towfigh has developed a unique edge in his abilities as a criminal defender because of his more than 11 years spent working as a prosecutor in the Los Angeles County District Attorney's office.

Mr. Towfigh is fluent in four languages: English, Spanish, Farsi and French. He is a fully licensed attorney, and is admitted to practice law in California and the nation's capital city. If you have been accused of a crime and are in need of superior legal counseling, it is vital that you call the law office of Hamid Towfigh right away. He is a capable veteran Los Angeles criminal defense attorney and is certain to provide you with wise counsel. Mr. Towfigh can be reached by calling 310-684-3158, or online at